CHSC Practice Field Schedules

CHSC Practice Field Schedules
updated: November 12, 2019

Post-Game Season Fields Available for Practices Fall 2019. First-come, first serve, please share the field space with other teams. Field space available in December for drop in use amid City Tournament games will be posted on the City Tournament web page.

Request a CHSC Practice Field for August 2019

Request a CHSC Practice Field for Sep - Nov 2019

1. Click on the links above to request a practice field. An instruction sheet and sign-up schedule (form) will appear at each link . Basically, you fill in a few cells on the sign-up schedule on-line with your team age and name. You may request up to two practice sessions per week for the season.

2. Click on the link below to find your confirmed field assignment for Sep - Nov. CHSC will update the Sep-Nov confirmed field assignments including UK Elite training schedule every week or so after August 25. To request changes to a confirmed field assignment for Sep-Nov, enter your proposed new time in RED on the field request form above. Do not delete your old entry. (To color your font red, highlight your entry and then select the "A" for text color on the menu of icons at the top of the page. A color palette will appear from which you can click on the desired color.) Note: You cannot edit the "Confirmed" form below.

CHSC Confirmed Practice Field Assignments (Sep-Nov 2019)



NOTE 1: The instruction sheet also explains how to sign up for CHSC team training sessions conducted by the Steel (formerly UK Elite) Soccer School. Each U6 - U9 team can sign up for one session at Montlake Playfield. Each U10 and older team can sign up for one session at Miller and Washington Park. Include your team name and point of contact. Steel training runs from 3 September through 25 October for U6-U9. Practices for older teams run from 3 September through 8 November.

NOTE 2: Email Jonathan Smith at any time you decide not to use your assigned field on a regular basis. Other teams may want to use that field.

LIGHTS Not On? If the lights do not come on during your scheduled time, call Seattle Parks Light Monitor number 1 855 330-8400. Call the same number to turn them off and help minimize municipal expenses and CHSC fees, if field vacant or no other teams playing after you.