MOD Soccer is a "modified" version of adult soccer played by players ages 5 to 11.  The number of players, field, goal and ball size, as well as rule implementation, all increase with age for a more developmentally appropriate and enjoyable game.  Also know as the Small-Sided Program, the use of small-sided games maximizes player contact time with the ball, aids the integration of new players to a team, and allows coaches to focus more on individual players and their skill needs.
The Capitol Hill Soccer Club's MOD program focuses on the (Under) U6 - U9 aged teams.  U10 & U11 teams, while a part of the state's Small-Sided Program, do fall under the "Rec" (Recreational) category for registration purposes.  Team assignment in determined by the player's age as of July 31st.  Teams are exclusively girls or boys, except for the U6 age, which may be co-ed.

Can my four-year old play?  No, players must be age 5 as of August 1st.  There are indoor programs for young players thru Montlake Community Center and Arena Sports.

What are the age requirements?  Your child's age as of August 1st determines the age of his/her team.  A younger child may play on an older team (provided there is space), but an older child may not play on a younger team.

How are new teams formed? Once an adult volunteer has been identified to coach, that adult may submit the names equal to half of the team's alloted roster number.  For example, for U6 and U7 teams, with a roster size of six, three players may be identified to be placed on that coach's team.  All remaining spots must be filled from the waitlist.  This provides roster spots for kids who may not know of a neighborhood or school group forming a team.

Hey!  I want to form a team?  What do I do?  Once registration has opened (mid-April) register as an adult volunteer under the "Rec Coach" option (NOT the "general board/volunteer" option).  If you are new to the club, follow the instructions for a new member.  If someone in your family has played or coached for Capitol Hill, follow the instructions for a returning member.

Can my child play on his/her friend's team?  Depends.  If that team has an open spot, no other players are on the wait-list waiting for a spot at that age level and your child does not have a spot on another team, yes.  Roster sizes are firm & coaches are asked (again and again) not to promise spots to potential players.

My child played last year.  Will s/he be placed on the same team?  Returning players have priority for their previous team provided they register ON TIME.

Can my child switch to his/her friend's team?  Strongly discouraged as it causes too many headaches and grown-ups have been most rude & demanding about it in the past!  If changing teams leaves the initial team short players, the switch will not be allowed.  Any "team transfers" MUST be approved by the appropriate registrar.  Registrars have the final word in player assignments.  Please remember, team viability and survival is our first concern.  Coaches are told again and again NOT to promise roster spots to new players.

Can my child join the team he played for in the spring?  Probably not.  It is printed EVERYWHERE in the spring registration process, on the websites and verbalized excessively (!) that playing for a spring team does not affect placement for fall teams.  Returning fall players have priority for their fall team regardless of whether or not they played for the team during the spring.  If your child is not part of a fall team and the spring team has space on their fall roster then yes, your child could join that team. 

Can my child play on two SYSA (i.e. Capitol Hill, McGilvra, Mt. Baker, Beacon Hill, Woodland) teams?  NO!  NO!  NO!  Teams that are found to have "double assigned" players forfeit the remainders of their season.

Can my child play on a SYSA team AND a CYO team?  Technically, yes BUT It is discouraged, especially at the younger level where we always have waitlists -- we want all kids who want to play to have a team spot.  There are inevitable practice and game time conflicts, as well, so it's really not fair to either team.

My child has never played soccer.  Do you have a team just right for him/her?  We would make an effort to place your child on a "newer" team, but it all depends on space available.  Hey!  You can always volunteer to start a new team -- we'll find players!

Do I really need to submit a birth certificate?  Yes, the club keeps all birth certificates on-file should we need to submit proof of age to the Seattle Youth Soccer Association or Washington State Youth Soccer Association.  If you don't have a copy of a birth certificate, a passport of other official document will be accepted.


Below is a sampling of the Small-Sided Format.  A more complete explanation of the program can be found at

Age                               U6          U7        U8        U9      U10       U11

Ball Size                       #3          #3        #3         #4        #4          #4 

Roster Size                   6           6          8           9          10          14

Goal Keepers              no         no        yes       yes       yes       yes

Field Players                 3          3           4           5           6           9 

Approx Field Size   20x30  25x35   25x40    30x45   35x55   50x80