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2006 Annual Meeting Minutes

March 22, 2006

The meeting began at 7:05 in the Stevens Elementary School Library. Andy Benjamin chaired the meeting. A quorum of over 20 club members was present.

Minutes of Club Meeting of April 19, 2005

Approved unanimously.


Charlie Triandafilou presented a financial statement (handout) showing income and expenses for the past year ending February 28, 2006 compared to several past fiscal years ending on April 30. Even though the comparison dates differ by a few months, the February 28, 2006 figures are not expected to change much by April 30, 2006. The club's cash balance was $90,013 as of February 28, 2006. Income for the past year was $49,612, which is close to the $50,000 to $55,000 income range of past years. This year's collections of $4,000 reflect the recent transition to and additional bank and credit card charges associated with the BONSI on-line registration system, use of which began in the 2004-2005 fiscal year. Club expenses were $42,958 this year, a substantially higher figure than previous years because of additional player and coach training programs (Challenger), a contribution to Seattle SCORES (provides organized soccer and homework support to low-income players in Seattle), and purchase of new goals. Mr. Triandafilou pointed out that expenses and income were roughly equal this year, but in the previous three years the club has saved a portion of club registration fees to raise money to help leverage soccer field improvements. As yet, those funds have not been needed in our efforts to improve Bobby Morris, Miller, Garfield, and Washington Park fields. About 40 scholarships were granted this past year. They were generally split evenly between the three major categories: mod, U-, and select.

The financial statement was accepted as presented and the general budget approved for the coming 2006-2007 fiscal year. Expenses for the new fiscal year are anticipated to be similar to the past fiscal year. Included in the approved budget is provision for the continuance of the current fee structure through April 30, 2006 ($50 Mod, $75 Recreational, $115 Select). Starting May 1, 2006, player Mod and Recreational registration fees will increase by $10 ($60 Mod, $85 Recreational, $115 Select). This fee structure is intended to encourage players to complete their registration during the regular registration period, April 1 - May 1, to make the registration process work smoothly. Receipt of any additional fees after May 1 will help defray anticipated increases in Challenger program expenses. Mod soccer fees are less than recreational soccer fees for older players because referee expenses are less and fewer games are scheduled for younger teams.


By-laws are posted on the Club's web site. They were ratified in 2000, but there is no written record of their approval. A few housekeeping changes were proposed and discussed. The by-laws were then approved unanimously.


Existing officers and new volunteers for existing open positions were introduced. Additional volunteers were invited to join the slate. The proposed officers for the coming year are:

President: Sonia Duckworth
Treasurer: Charlie Triandafilou
Secretary: Greg McNabb
VP Development: Danny Stemp

Field Development Coordinator: Open

Field Development Coordinator: Andy Benjamin
VP Mod Soccer: Tanya Kamila
Referee Coordinator: Wayne Wentz
Registrar Mod: Tanya Kamila
Registrar Rec: Terry Rosencrantz
Web Page: Open

Field Scheduling: Jonathan Smith

SYSA Commissioner: Merwin Peters

Member at Large David Chinn

Member at Large Paul Holland

Member at Large Mike Layton

The proposed slate was accepted as presented.


The registrars Terry Rosencrantz and Tanya Kamila introduced the registration process for this year. It will be necessary for coaches and trustees to register as well as the players. Materials are available in Spanish and Vietnamese. The regular registration period is from April 1 to May 1, but teams, and new and previous players can register through the summer. (See fee information discussed above under financials.) Players not registered by May 1 lose priority to join their previous team or team of choice. Scholarships are available; just ask Terry or Tanya.

More improvements have been made to the BONSI registration system. Previously registered players will receive their user identification and password in advance of registration this year. Registrants can print out and sign waiver forms themselves. The waivers give the Club the right to seek medical care for players when necessary. Coaches legally should turn players away who are missing a completed waiver form. The payment process is easiest by credit card. If paying by check, Terry or Tanya should receive the check within 1 week of registration.

Birth certificates need be submitted only for new players. Returning players will be automatically placed on their original team. Notify one of the registrars if changing teams. If your team is dissolving, contact Terry or Tanya as well as registrars at other clubs to join the remaining players into new teams. School soccer coaches and the players themselves can be good sources for identifying new soccer players. Switching players among teams is OK for such reasons as balancing team sizes, and facilitating carpool arrangements. The Club is trying to avoid selecting players for Mod and Recreational teams for player performance and skill reasons. Note, David Chinn (Member at Large) is looking for new, inexperienced players for a recreational U-11 level team.

The issue of how to deal with large teams was raised. Teams are limited to a maximum of 18 players by Seattle Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) rules. Club members unanimously approved a new Club policy regarding team size in the interest of allowing each player adequate playing time as follows:

Capitol Hill Soccer Club teams U-12 and older must accept up to 16 players. A team coach may elect to accept a larger number of players up to the State maximum number of players except under the following circumstance. If there is only one team for that particular gender/age group in the Club, the coach must accept up to the State maximum number of players allowed on a team.

Challenger Program

Mark Halpin explained how the Challenger Program is geared to provide training for Mod and Recreational players and coaches. Twenty-two teams availed themselves of this opportunity in Fall 2005. Twelve teams are signed up so far for Spring training. Summer camps are being organized with 75 players signed up so far. Players can register as teams or individuals. Sessions are planned for July 10-14, July 17-21, and August 7-11. McGilvra field is available for Challenger sessions through Labor Day (September). The field scheduler agreed to schedule fields for Fall Challenger practice session including checking out the availability of Lower Judkins. Tanya (Vice-President for Mod Development) agreed to send an email message explaining how the Challenger Program works. Information on coaching clinics will also be emailed or posted on the web page. Someone suggested that the University of Washington Athletic Program as a potential source of good soccer trainers. Someone requested posting information about team size and rules for each age group. Andy Benjamin indicated this information is already available on the SYSA web site, and that we would add a link to this site on the Club's web site.

Fields and Field Assignments

Jonathan Smith will schedule fields by email again this year. There were some problems with Jonathan's availability and the availability of Bobby Morris field this past year. Practice fields for the late Summer/Fall season should be assigned by the first week of August. Andy Benjamin, Field Development lead, is looking for people or leads to people (e.g. at Bush School) interested in working on improving Miller and Washington Park fields for use by Capitol Hill Club teams.


Wayne Wentz, Referee Coordinator and the Club's Representative to the SYSA Disciplinary Committee, noted there were a few problems this year involving the Club. He briefly reviewed code of conduct rules which players, coaches, and parents each sign annually and agree to abide by. He pointed out that referees can sanction coaches for parents' misbehavior, and that referee calls rarely determine the final outcome of games.

The Club needs referee volunteers (older players, parents, others). Referees are well paid for their time and it's a great opportunity to receive and provide mentoring. For young people especially, it is a chance to be in charge of something important. Time contributed can also count as community service hours. See the SYSA web site for training clinic times.

New Club Policy on Removal of Players from Team Rosters

Club members approved the following new club policy applicable to Mod and Select teams in response to recent problems. Coaches may not remove players from a roster during a soccer season without the player's consent unless the following has occurred: the coach or trustee notifies the player and player's parents/guardians of the intent to remove the player from the roster by email, US Postal Service mail, and by telephone; and the coach or trustee receives no communication in response to the notification within 1 month.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30.